Weekend Confirmed Episode 20

By Garnett Lee, Aug 06, 2010 12:00pm PDT It's anything but a lazy midsummer's show as a Whatcha' Been Playin? packed with heavy-hitters including Civilization 5, Starcraft 2, and Madden 11 gets Garnett, Brian, and Jeff off to rocking start. There's so much in there that Cannata-ford a New Game spills over to the third segment before giving way to the Warning. Your thoughts on why developers try and compete with the likes of Halo and Modern Warfare for multiplayer shooters starts the conversation which also includes choosing the right place to sit when gaming, and a brief look at the issues raised this week on Gamasutra concerning whether focus testing resulted in Activision abandoning female action heroes. News from EA's investor reports hits the Front Page along with one of our favorite games, Torchlight, getting the sequel we all hoped for announced.

Weekend Confirmed Ep. 20 - 08/06/2010

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  • I really enjoyed the discussion about why so many games try to tack on multiplayer or take on COD. I know this makes me sound like a total fanboy, but hearing my online name said on a podcast always gives me a small thrill. This was great, maybe not as good as when Shane read my story from working at Gamestop and the lady who said I was probably fat and going to die of a heart attack, but this was close!

    I just want to come back to my point about the press a bit. I feel like I get on a pedestal way too often about the press, when in reality I respect so many in the games press so much (especially the guys on this show and the guys at Bitmob). I think in general the games press does a good job, even if there are outliers or specific situations that make me raise some serious questions from time to time. I think it is a responsibility of gamers to raise questions about how the press operates, but I also think people can take it too far and paint the whole of the press as bad. I don't want to be one of those people!

    As far as multiplayer goes, the Chronicles of Riddick sequel is one of the first games I remember getting knocked for not having multiplayer and then adding it while specifically saying they were doing so because it was one of the only things they got knocked for. Thinking about it more I don't know if that is the fault of the press as much as it is of the developers.

    I have to think that the worst possible way to develop a game is to base your development off of a checklist of things the press/fans complained about. That should always factor in to a degree, but the driving force behind development should always be to make something you personally believe in first... at least in a perfect world.

    I guess I should stop before I go onto too much of a tangent.

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