Star Trek Online Sets its Phasers to 'Free' for a Limited Time for Former Subscribers

To celebrate the launch of its latest additions to Star Trek Online, developer Cryptic Studios is offering a free, limited time "weekend" of game time for former voyagers.

The "welcome back, weekend" is aimed at former Star Trek Online players who "got busy" following the MMO's release and no longer subscribe to the game's monthly fee.

If a user has a retail product key registered on their account, they will be able to play Star Trek Online for free from August 4 until August 9. "Maybe you got busy with work or family vacations, but we want to invite you to explore the Final Frontier again," an online community rep on the game's official forum wrote. "All you have to do is patch up and log in."

Sadly, celebrations do not include members who have downloaded the trail version of the MMO. And let's face it, that party would be way too wild.