Borderlands PC Getting Steamworks for Achievements [Updated]

[Update - 6:16PM] A 2K representative has confirmed to Shacknews that Borderlands will implement Steamworks achievments, but will not use any additional Steamworks features. The achievements will only be available in Steam versions of the game.

[Original Story] Though no announcement or update has been made, it seems like Steamworks integration could be added to Borderlands. A list of achievements was spotted in one of our user's Steam library, which Shacknews can confirm. The achievements match the console version's offering.


It is unclear if other Steamworks features will be utilized beyond achievements or if the DRM method for the game's DLC, which currently uses SecuROM, will be changed to Steamworks. It is also unclear if this will affect all copies of Borderlands or just copies purchased through Steam.

Shacknews has asked 2K Games for a clarification on the matter and will update you with any response.

[Thanks, crimsonfate1983]