QuakeCon 2010 Tournaments put $50K on the Line, Pre-Registration Now Open for 'Pro' Gamers

When QuakeCon 2010 kicks off on August 12, the world's elite frag-masters will be on hand to scoop-up their share of $50,000 in prizes.

QuakeCon will open its doors to the public between August 12 and August 15 and feature multiple tournaments for "professionals" and "up-and-comers" alike, with free-to-play, browser-based Quake Live as the game to master.


In the Intel-sponsored Quake Live Master Championship, "top professionals" from the world of Quake Live will face-off in a 64-player, double elimination bracket. The ultimate champion walks away with $14,000 and an itchy trigger finger.

The Quake Live "Capture the Flag" championship pits 32 teams of four in a hectic single elimination bracket. According to the press release for the event, "players who come out on top will share prizes of $25,000, including $14,000 for the team of champions."

Up-and-coming players can jump into the event's 128-person open tournament with a the champion walking away with $1,500 for his or her efforts. Players with professional gaming experience or "extensive" Quake Live training can pre-register for the tournaments on the official QuakeCon website between July 27 and August 8 or at the event from 9am to 12pm (CT) on August 12.

We'll get to see the action up-close, as Shacknews will be at QuakeCon 2010 covering all of the mayhem.