Morning Discussion

Over the last month or so I've been re-watching The Wire, which in my opinion is one of the best TV shows ever made. Watching the series got me thinking about the serious lack of police investigation in video games.

One of my favorite concepts in a video game franchise this generation was the tools players can use in Condemned. While it all holds your hand a little too much, I loved the ability to act like a real, "natural police." (Did I miss a game that simulates this concept? Let me know!)

Other than adventure games where the core gameplay hinges on a piece of this idea or tactical titles like S.W.A.T., so few games allow the player to solve the mystery. Ordinarily we're rewarded for getting from Point A to Point B with a cutscene showcasing the mystery being solved for us.

The Wire might be a bad example in video game terms because it's a little too realistic. Throughout the entire series, the police only fire their weapons three times. Three times in five years and it's all the same person, and in each instance that person does it out of fear or stupidity.

Basically, I wish more games allowed me to be a detective rather than an action-hero with a badge. What video game concepts do you wish made it into more titles?
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