Morning Discussion

After forcefully pushing my way through Windows Vista since it did the world a huge disservice and became publicly available, I finally switched to Windows 7 a month ago. Today, I can hardly remember how bad Vista was. (Or still is for some unlucky souls.)

When I was working at Joystiq and GamePro I would typically stick to my MacBook throughout the work day. When I took this position at Shacknews, I decided to upgrade my desktop to Windows 7 and try it as my primary workstation. Not only does it give my work a much needed boost behind a fairly beefy rig, the transition has been fairly smooth.

The downside is the fact that a tiny icon haunts me throughout the day. That icon is Steam. It's constantly teasing me. Begging to be clicked. Just once. Promising it won't intentionally destroy my productivity. Yeah, Steam is on Mac too, but I never ran the risk of playing games on that ancient machine. Now, with a PC that has a functioning operating system, my workday is at constant risk.

I do need some productivity application and browser extension suggestions though. Use anything you can't live without?
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