Shank hitting PSN on August 24, XBLA on August 25, Priced at $15 [Update]

[Update: 4:35pm] According to the official Shank website, the PC version of Shank is still in development and will arrive in Fall 2010. As for the game's newly revealed co-op "mission," the blog mentions that Shank actually includes a "local co-op campaign." The co-op will be separate from the original game and tell the backstory of Shank.


[Original Story] During the EA Studio Showcase, Electronic Arts has announced that the downloadable title Shank will release on the PlayStation Network on August 24 and on the Xbox Live Arcade on August 25. Both versions have been priced at $15.

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Additionally, Shank includes "a special co-operative mission, designed to be played with a friend locally." Sadly, from the release wording, it appears that the "prequel" mission is the only co-op action Shank and his "partnet-in-crime" Falcone will see.

Developed by Klei Enteratinment and published by the EA Partners program, the exceedingly awesome side-scrolling stabber-shooter has been highly anticipated since it was first revealed and continues EA's spotlight on high-quality downloadable titles.