Morning Discussion

By Alice O'Connor, Jul 16, 2010 5:00am PDT Hello again, Internet. I'm properly back from the Develop 2010 conference now. It was jolly nice. A lot was awfully interesting and I'll have more to share over the next few days. What day is today? Not sure. Probably doesn't matter. Lovely people, just lovely.

Now to see how quickly I can read 471 e-mails and skim several thousand RSS items.

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  • Last night I completed Final Fantasy 13. It was pretty to look at but wow, what the heck just happened story-wise in that game. I followed it ok I think, but wow-wee! O_o I wish there we're towns I could have explored and shopped at but I guess due to the story, there didn't need to be towns. :/ Overall it was good and I liked the ending cinematic, all 18+ of them. :)

    Big spoiler about the end: Vanille & Fang :( And I was all agape when I saw the others turn into C'ieth. :O But then happy when they came back. :D But poor Vanille & Fang nonetheless.