Aliens vs. Predator Patches Scrapped for Consoles; PC Support Unchanged

SEGA has officially cut support for Rebellion's Aliens vs. Predator on the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 with no patches or updates planned for release, according to a forum post (via AVP.net) by SEGA assistant community manager "Clumsyorchid".


Clumsyorchid explains that "patches for the console versions of AVP... have sadly been scrapped," though there is no new information on "PC patches and would not assume there will be any changes unless stated otherwise."

Seven updates have been published for the PC version through Steam, including a day-one patch. Within the patches are numerous balance changes, fixes, and updates, none of which will make it to the console versions of the game.

Aliens vs. Predator recently received a DLC map pack, it's second, across all three platforms. It is unclear if further DLC is in development or if this signals the end of Rebellion's work on the project entirely, given that the PC patches have already been released.

Shacknews has contacted SEGA for further clarification on the matter and will update you with any response.