DogFighter: Hands-on Impressions and Giveaway

DogFighter, Dark Water Studios' arena-based aerial combat game, took to the virtual skies via Steam about a month ago. I spent the past couple of weeks in its virtual cockpit to assess the fast-paced shooter.


Packed with a variety of single and multiplayer modes, five maps, seven different propeller-driven planes, and over twenty unique power-ups, the game feels a lot like an indie cousin of Crimson Skies. Barrel-rolls and Immelmans? They're in there too. Single player tournaments will keep you busy for a while, and blasting the AI-controlled enemies is more fun than you'd expect. But online play is the game's true focus, though finding matches will likely remain hit-or-miss until dedicated server support is added in the next few weeks.

If the screens and trailer grab you, head on over to the Indie Games Channel for more detailed hands-on impressions, and then post your comments on the story for a chance to win one of three free Steam copies we have to give away.

DogFighter was released via Steam on June 14, for $16.99.

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