Sony Serves Over 1 Million PlayStation Minis

Sony revealed today that they've sold over 1 million PlayStation Minis in less than a year since launch. Patterned on Apple's popular gaming apps for iPhone, iPod Touch, and now the iPad, the Minis are available only in the PlayStation Network Store and are no larger than 100MB, making them easy to download and store on your device. Originally debuted alongside the digital media-only PSP Go, all Minis run on PSPs and several also work on the PS3.

Though no individual figures were given, the announcement listed the top ten downloaded Minis. Age of Zombies, Monopoly, and Fieldrunners came in first, second, and third respectively but the remainder of the field was filled with less recognizable names. With 85 titles from over 50 developers in the library and more on the way it will be interesting to see whether the Mini marketplace evolves in a similar way to that of Apple's applications -- a few standouts gaining success while the mass struggles to be seen.

What experience have you had with Minis?