Atari's Haunted House Revived for PC, XBLA and Wii [Update]

[Update: 3:12pm] An Atari representative has confirmed to Shacknews that the upcoming Haunted House remake will be available as a retail Wii title, while it will release for the PC and Xbox 360 as a downloadable game in September.

[Original Story] To celebrate the "30 year anniversary" of the 1980s classic, Atari has revealed Haunted House will return as a downloadable title this fall.

Coming to the Wii, Xbox Live Arcade and PC, the sequel returns players to the grim Graves Mansion, this time as the grandchildren of those vying for an escape route in the classic title.

BOOM video 5745

The original Haunted House, which is currently available for download on Microsoft's Game Room platform, was a maze and item collection title that followed a frightened youngster attempting to piece together a shattered urn to escape a mysterious and dark mansion. The graphically enhanced sequel follows the same core concept (as spotted in the trailer above), but features new locations and an actual character on screen.

The downloadable Haunted House for PC, XBLA and Wii will be available in September 2010. (Presumably the game will be released for WiiWare; however, Shacknews has contacted Atari for clarification.)