PlayStation Store Update: DeathSpank, NCAA DLC, and PlayStation Plus Discounts

Tuesday brings another PlayStation Store update with Ron Gilbert's DeathSpank headlining the offering. The game looks great and can be yours for $14.99, though a free demo is also available. A Blur multiplayer demo is also available, though a bit late as the game was released a while back.

nope NCAA Football 11 has a boat load of day-1 downloadable content, which amounts to bonuses and instant unlocks for existing content, extra slots for players, teams, and the ability to run more than one online dynasty. A handy $29.99 pack will get you all of this content, bringing the cost of your new game up to a staggering $90. Each one is a tiny 100KB unlock code as no new content is being provided.

On the PlayStation Plus side, subscribers will get some free MAG Themes, a LittleBigPlanet avatar, and discounts on 2009's Resistance 2 "Aftermath" map pack ($3 off), and Gravity Crash ($5 off).

The full list of content is available, as always, on the official PlayStation blog.