Weekend Confirmed Episode 16

By Garnett Lee, Jul 09, 2010 12:00pm PDT Everybody's been playing Crackdown 2 but from the sounds of it they won't be much longer. San Diego-based comic Christian Spicer adds his voice to the disappointment Garnett, Brian, and Jeff express over the sequel. But it fares better than Deadly Premonition did with Jeff. Not to worry, ArmA 2: Operation Arrowhead and DeathSpank help Whatcha Been Playin finish strong. A trio of awesome strategy games perfect for a long summer's playcation fills out this week's Cannata-ford a New Game. Your comments on 3DS pricing and requiring a complete game one save to play White Knight Chronicles 2 kicks off the Warning before getting to topics like what makes an MMO good and the viability of an honor system difficulty mechanic in open world games. Brian brings it home in the Front Page with news including the announcement of Dragon Age 2, four DLC packs coming for Red Dead Redemption, E3 Game Critics Awards winners, and more.

Weekend Confirmed Ep. 16 - 07/09/2010

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Whatcha' Been Playin and Cannata-ford a New Game: Start: 00:31:39 End: 01:05:49

The Warning: Start: 01:06:53 End: 01:42:15

Music Break featuring Simon Jain's "Feels Like You": Start: 01:42:15 End: 01:45:42

The Front Page: Start: 01:45:42 End: 02:17:11

Music Break features Toronto talent Simon Jain's summer groove "Feels Like You". Beautiful vocals overlay an arrangement that speaks to what progressive house is all about. It's available now exclusively on the 44th & Filth label through Beatport and all other retailers including iTunes, Traxsource, Masterbeat, DJ Download, and Juno Download starting August 3. For more on Simon Jain keep up with him at the official Simon Jain site, Facebook, Twitter, or MySpace.

Big thanks to our guest Christian Spicer.

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  • I’m an avid listener of your show and I really enjoyed the segment you guys did on Onlive last week and I wanted to share my thoughts on that subject and maybe get you guy’s opinions on it.
    First of all, one thing Onlive could be the future of PC gaming for one simple reason; its piracy proof. If a developer decided to release its game on Onlive exclusively then the only way for it to be cracked and pirated is for it to be leaked. Smaller independent game developers can consider weighing the pros and cons of either releasing the game via download/boxed and risk being pirated or releasing it on Onlive to a smaller demographic. But consider if Onlive changed its business model to something like xbox live. Silver members can buy games and stream them without paying a monthly subscription. Gold members can get discount rentals, demos, multiplayer, and much more for a monthly fee. Also, Onlive could make a deal with cable internet providers to sell their service as part of a package like espn3.com.

    Take this idea even further, there are developers making games for the 360 and ps3 that forgo the PC market all together. Onlive and create an in-house or contract a developer to port some of these games. Ones that would be cost effective of course, not every game could work on pc.
    All it takes is one or two killer exclusives to make people sign up for silver. Indie sleeper hits would be perfect for this.

    Next, classic games: Most people (I’m generalizing and I don’t care) don’t want to or know how to fiddle with dosbox to play vintage games. Onlive can tweak it on their end and provide the game to its users. Now the cool part, older games run on SD or even lower graphics so it could be possible to stream these games on a wifi or 3g/4g connection. How cool would it be to play X-com on the subway to work? Or on an ipad.

    Older game’s license could be hard to obtain, but if Gametap could do it why not Onlive. And it would be cheaper and draw in new users who may not want to buy new games on a cloud service but have no qualms paying 5 to 10 bucks to get a game from the past.

    And finally Onlive’s current business model isn’t going to work; it needs to compete with companies like steam and direct2drive. As mentioned on the show, no one is gonna pay for something if they know they’ll lose or can’t play anymore it if they ever stop paying the subscription fee. So this is what I would do if I ran Onlive. (Aside from buying credit default swaps on my own company)

    -No monthly fee, even if this puts operation in the red so be it.
    -Set up a two tier licensing system, one for big companies like EA and Activision and one for smaller indie developers.
    -Make “indie” games stream only (copy protection) and copy the Iphone’s 70/30 profit sharing.
    -Copy Steam’s model for bigger games and allow for streaming as part of the package. Allow publishers the option of stream only and work with them for exclusive contents.
    -Do a podcast; give a voice to the company. Let members know what’s going on, self promote and relate with the demographic.
    -And finally, finally, the technology for this is already here and it’s only going to get better, internet is only going to get faster. Down the line release a premium 1080p service for 10-15 dollars, give every free user a month free trial with auto-renew. And Start profiting.
    -That or becoming a middle man or big companies. “EA Onlive” and “THQ Onlive” don’t deal with users, sell the service to the companies itself and let them deal with the marketing and selling.
    So that’s my rant. I really appreciate it if you read it, Weekend Confirmed is by far my favorite podcast and on Wednesdays it always makes me sad when I have to listen to something else on my commute to work. Thursdays are even worst when I have to listen to that panderer who shall remain nameless. Anyways, thanks for all you guys do and keep up the good work.