Civilization 5 Special Edition Includes Two-Disc Soundtrack, Artbook and Unit Figurines [Updated]

BOOM widget 135414[Update: 1:00pm] 2K Games has released the non-final box art for the Civilization V special edition. Additionally, 2K Games confirmed to Shacknews that the "Babylon Civilization with leader Nebuchadnezzar II" bonus in the "online only" Deluxe Edition is a Steam exclusive item and will not be included in the retail special edition.

[Update: 11:45am] 2K Games has confirmed to Shacknews that the Civilization V special edition will make its way to North American shores. The bundle is priced at $99.99 and will be available on September 21. (The "Special Edition" package image has been removed by the request of 2K Games as a new, much prettier image is incoming very soon.)

[Original Story] Civilization addicts will have two options at retail when the game launches this September, as 2K Games has just announced a Civilization V special edition is in the works. The bundle includes:
  • Five metal figurines based on units from Civ V (From Reaper Miniatures)
  • Two-disc CD soundtrack
  • "Behind the scenes at Firaxis" DVD
  • 176 page hardcover art book


The special edition will claim land in stores on September 24 for £60. Currently the special edition has only been confirmed for strategists in the UK. Shacknews has contacted 2K Games for pricing and availability in North America, promising to give away essential research and share trade routes for confirmation.

It will be strange to watch the behind the scenes DVD when the game ships, as it may be awkward to watch some Firaxis employees packing up their desks after being laid off.