Dead Space 2 Prequel Game Announced

By Brian Leahy, Jul 07, 2010 7:00pm PDT Dead Space Ignition will "reveal the events leading up to Dead Space 2" in an "interactive comic-style story with three unique hacking mini games; Hardware Crack, Trace Route and System Override."

The downloadable title will be released this fall on the PlayStation Network and Xbox Live Arcade ahead of Dead Space 2's January 25, 2011 release date.

"Dead Space Ignition is the first of many exciting game extensions we have planned for the launch of Dead Space 2," said Steve Papoutsis, executive producer on Dead Space franchise in the press release. "The interactive comic-style game will give Dead Space fans a unique perspective on the events leading up to Dead Space 2, but will also introduce the storyline to a brand-new audience of gamers."

Ignition is being co-developed by Visceral Games and Sumo Digital.

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  • Im starting to hate a lot the consoles and some developer's greed.
    Why release the first game on PC, and then don't release this prequel to the second game on PC too?
    Or is this going to be like Gears of war? they release the 1º on PC and then they make the second console exclusive.

    Apart from the fact that both games needed special tweaks to be played properly on PC, just because the developer didn't ensure at all that the game was working how it should on PC.
    For example in Dead Space 1, D3D overrider is a MUST, if you want to play the game correctly on PC.
    And its mostly because they failed big time to add V-sync correctly.
    Without V-sync ingame, it is an image tearing fest, your monitor suddenly becomes a zebra at the first minimal flash of light.
    And With it enabled ingame, the controls become ridicously unresponsible.

    Then you use D3D overrider to force V-sync with triple buffering enabled and, voila!, the game runs perfectly, except only a bit of feeling that the mouse slides a bit in the menu before loading a game, but its minimal and only there.

    And its not a hardware issue, i've tested the game on two diferent systems, AMD 5600+ 4Gb DDR2 800mhz and a Gforce 9800GTX; and in a I7 920, 6Gb of DDR3 1066Mhz (it can be set up up to 1600), and an Ati 5870. And in both i had the same problems, so its not that the requirements of the game are not met.
    On the I7 920 + Ati 5870, without V-Sync it even ran at nearly 300 FPS!

    So i think these things are just a kick in the balls for customers. And then they blame Piracy!!
    And also they don't see that the trust of consumers isn't earned in 2 days, but it can be lost pretty fast if you betray your customers like this.

    As i said, im starting to hate consoles and some developers greed.

    Its kind of digital racism. Think of it, if you enter a car shop, does they restrict the quality of the cars their customers can buy just because of beeing from one race or another? or because of the clothes, or they way the customer talks? Even if they have the money and want to buy a different car that the shop doesn't want to sell to them?
    And im not talking about luxury cars, or to people that can impact the way the people they look at that product, because they are famous and get paid entirely for their image, for example. Im talking about normal, regular people.
    And this example can be aplied to any other product, cheese, tvs, etc.

    In this case instead of the race or way they look, it will be if you play in one platform or another.

    I know PC gamming isnt going to die at all, because there are some good companies that are making really good pc games, and they are earning big money with that.
    But these, kick in the nuts, selling a good game (after making all the tweaks the developer should have made, and in theory we paid for, when we bought the game), and the continue the story in another game exclusive to another platform different that the original, or they make a link between games, that you need to follow the story, in a different platform from the original; so you must buy the other platform if you want to continue the history; its too much, and i feel they are treating us like dummies, instead of persons and customers, and then when it breaks, or plans didn't go as spected, its our fault....

    Sometimes i feel that voting with the wallet is just not enough, because people will buy the game anyway for consoles, because they are beeing given all first, and with near none problems, except the bugs, that can't be eliminated completely, and that is comprehensible. And they are going to continue getting money by using dirty tricks.


    But apart from all of that, its a good game, enjoy it console players =_=.

    And well, i just needed to say all of these.
    Feel free to comment, and, well, maybe it even makes some people think about it, in the way i think or in another totally different way; and then every letter above will be worth the time spent writing :).