BioWare Teasing Announcement Tomorrow; Dragon Age 2?

By Brian Leahy, Jul 07, 2010 5:19pm PDT BioWare will be making an announcement, the company revealed via Twitter: "2morrow will be a great day for BioWare fans. Just sayin'"

The horrendous use of "2morrow" might be a clue and not just Internet-speak. Besides, there was plenty of room left in that 140 character-limited tweet. With Mass Effect ready to move on to number 3, that leaves Dragon Age ready for number 2.

Further backing up a major announcement, though completely speculation on my part at this time, is the fact that Game Informer is scheduled to reveal a cover tomorrow.

Shacknews will update you on both BioWare's announcement and Game Informer's cover tomorrow. Who knows, maybe we'll only have to write one story.

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  • Neverwinter Nights 1 and 2 were better in so many respects than Dragon Age. In fact, Dragon Age was the first Bioware game I couldn't bring myself to finish! It just didn't feel right, and it didn't help that the mage has no fucking protective spells or tiers, and that the item menu is as consolized as Oblivion(a terribly dumb thing), and it didn't factor in things like strength, etc. for how much you could carry. You had to buy backpack after backpack, which made no sense! Your main backpack can carry what...70kg? What about a fucking stone golem? Can't he carry...1000ish kg? What? You buy another backpack and it's only another 10 items? Then no way to organize anything, more difficult to tell which items are new, old, better, worse. There are so many things that I don't like about Dragon Age, a lot of it because the casting system was so heavily reworked, and certain spell categories are incredibly underpowered, so if you go with that, you're fucked. If you go a different route, it's op. There's no rhyme or reason to the deadliness of spells. Then every single spell hurts your teammates! The tactics system is a bitch to work out, and I had to manually heal every one of my guys or they'd let themselves die even though I had it set for them to heal at a certain dmg percentage. Neverwinter Nights 1 and 2 my sorcerer could tank for a bit because late game he had greater stoneskin, and about 8 other protective spells mitigating a good 300+ damage, along with all death spells and with haste he'd trample enemies without the need for soldiers guarding him for a bit. Now he's the first to die in every battle, and where are his protective spells? Oh, right...there aren't any other than the damn mage armor. That helps...that only increases the chance of not being hit, other than that it does jack and he takes full damage from arrows, spells, etc. Overall a game I want my money back on. I didn't enjoy it, it was frustrating, it was consolized with the items menu, and what the hell is it that's making so many people think "itz teh gratest ting evah made!"? Please, tell me! I want to enjoy the game, but it's just NOT fun for me. I dont like dying every encounter, I dont want to have to restart my says I'm only 10% into the game, and I've spent over 40 hours on it! Every single hero in my group...2 casters, 2 melee...has at least 4 physical and mental disabilities and I now hate their guts (no offense to the mentally disabled in RL)... WRYYYYYYYYY?!?!