Valve Hints at "Something Big" for Team Fortess 2, Opens Official Wiki & Ends Polycount Pack Contest

BOOM widget 132699There's an interesting update over at the official Team Fortress 2 blog that hints at something big happening, soon. "Do you hear that? That ominous, otherworldly silence? That's what we in the game biz call the calm before a storm," Valve's Robin Walker writes.

In the recent post, Walker asks the big questions but decides to throw a few red herrings at readers. Thankfully, there are a few interesting pieces of info available in his dodging.

Working with fans who developed the unofficial wiki for the popular shooter, Valve announced the grand opening of an official Team Fortress 2 wiki. Walker also announced the conclusion for the Polycount Pack contest, which will see fan-created items make their way into a future Team Fortress 2 update.

The real news Walker is hinting at is unclear; however, BigDownload speculates it may have something to do with the long-awaited Engineer class update.