Morning Discussion

I don't write much about the grand topic of "women in gaming" because, like all feminist issues, it's a hugely important to me but all too often ends up a painful exercise in banging one's head against a VVVVVV ceiling. I'm certain there's a way to without too much awfulness ensuing and, frankly, I'd be a bit rubbish at it and end up being awfully insulting and crass, making everything worse for everyone.

Which is why I'm linking to a Second Person Shooter blog post by Laura Michet explaining her own reluctance to address the topic while tentatively wading in.

Hey, want to see something cool? BLDGBLOG takes a look at an architecture student's thesis designing a floating city over a flooded London in 2030. This is a space I want to explore in a video game. Hydrophobia and Brink are both located within in flooded worlds but being set in a (bombed) luxury cruiser and (trashed) posh city make them--from what I've seen so far--far more familiar than Anthony Lau's lovely London.

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