Dance Central DLC to be Pricier than Rock Band

Speaking with Joystiq, Dance Central Project Lead Kasson Crooker said that downloadable content for the upcoming Kinect-exclusive dancing title will cost more than the $2 standard set by the Rock Band franchise. According to Crooker, the added "complexity" involved with developing Dance Central's downloadable content makes creating new content for the title "significantly different."

The process of developing the content includes licensing the tracks, developing three unique routines based on the game's multiple difficulty settings, motion capturing the choreography, integrating the animation and adding voice-over for the game's beginner "Break it Down" mode, with multiple smaller steps in between. "It's a pretty elaborate process that is not only a lot more expensive, but a lot more time consuming" Crooker said.

According to Joystiq, standardized weekly DLC in the way it is currently released for the Rock Band series is unlikely at the launch of Dance Central.