Shooter MMO 'Global Agenda' Ditches Subscriptions

By Alice O'Connor, Jun 25, 2010 6:40am PDT Global Agenda developer Hi-Rez Studios has shook up its business model less than five months after launch, announcing the abolition of subscription fees--meaning you need merely to buy the PC shooter MMO--and a move towards paid content updates.

A free trial is available on Steam, letting you play characters up to level 15. Global Agenda requires Steam as it uses auto-updating and other Steamworks features.

While Global Agenda's previous $12.99 monthly subscription was optional, those who didn't pay it found their game more than a little restricted. Subscribers gained access to the alliance vs. alliance 'World Domination' mode, the auction house, crafting, in-game mail, improved communication and more, not forgetting character levels beyond thirty.

"Future content updates will be delivered via optional paid expansions," Hi-Rez explains, to support the game. One such expansion, named 'Sandstorm,' is being released for free in two parts this summer to give players a freebie taste of the new way.

To celebrate the news--and the season--Global Agenda is discounted by 33% to $26.79 on Steam as part of its current whopping great Summer Sale.

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  • This game is pretty fun, i've had it since it came out. I like to compare it to a futuristic version of TF2, with a similar (but different) concept of the pvp maps. The MMO feeling comes into play with things like crafting, auction houses, mail, items lvls (white/green/blue/purple), and skill trees for talents. Without the full "sandstorm" patches, players are still limited to a "city", which is like not unlike an interface for joining all the events and being able to access the MMO factors, but allows you to do this as an Avatar which can move about and interact with others, including emotes!