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By Brian Leahy, Jun 23, 2010 5:00pm PDT With E3 settling down, I finally got a chance to finish Red Dead Redemption last night. Loved the ending. Very cool and true to the Western genre. Then I played some League of Legends, because unlike Heroes of Newerth, I can actually get kills in LoL. Both are incredibly fun DotA games, but LoL is a bit more forgiving. Hopefully, one day I'll graduate to HoN.

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  • aWOOOGA!!!

    Calling all MW:LL loving gamers. The 0.3.1 update is out.


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      • 0.3.1 Changlog
        - resolved scoring and ranking issues due to order-of-magnitude changes
        - damage rewards increased per unit damage
        - resolved flashing/intermittent HUD indicators for MISSILE, NARC, TAG
        - revamped HUD indicators for ECM, Active Probes, LAMS and C3 to fit with existing aesthetic
        - C3 rewards are now appropriate
        - BA myomer sound decreased by 2dB
        - hit feedback sound increased by 10x
        - change Betty destroyed notification weightings to favour "DESTROYED" more, improved intelligibility
        - resolved client-side entity spawn crash

        - Added window title information including the actionmaps name currently being viewed/edited, along with tags for if its been modified or is active
        - Added Next/Prev Weapons group actions to Vehicle tab
        - Added "Deploy" action to tank tab (used for Long Tom)
        - Added "Sell Vehicle" action to Vehicle tab
        - Added digital roll left/right actions for VTOL and Aero tabs
        - Added additional "XI" axis to Mech/Tank/VTOL/Aero tabs
        - Added "New Actionmaps" and "Set Active" buttons to top of screen for better new user visibility
        - Added "Left or Right" selection dialog when Shift, Control, or Alt keys are pressed since detection library can't determine by itself
        - Added helpful text when clicking on an action marked with "?" to let user know they need to create a New Actionmaps to map it
        - Restructured VTOL and Aerospace tab actions
        - Fixed using "Set Active" on unsaved actionmaps could lead to unsaved changes not getting saved
        - Fixed Player tab "Jump"/"Jump Jet" rebinding since Player BA needs both set to same key
        - Fixed issue with "XI Fire" actions by showing them in the Vehicle tab in case of conflicts

        - fixed numerous crashes
        - the profiles backup/restore can no longer result in data loss or data corruption: upon error, the original state of the folder will be restored

        - fix for buying vehicle, suiciding, boarding vehicle and reselling, 2 minute "sell vehicle" cooldown timer, timer is bound to vehicle not player

        - improved server-side logging feature for debug

        - SA_Frostbite, particle performance improved, night "blizzard" effect
        - SA_Frostbite now supports Test of Strength mode
        - SA_Marshes, particle performance improved, ToD issues
        - SA_Mirage, night/day cycle improved

        - BA Micro Beam Laser, decreased damage and increased refire interval (5.5 seconds)
        - buy menu now prevents purchase of BA Micro Beam Laser in vehicles
        - BA AC2 weapon damage adjusted, no longer one-shot kill, damage to vehicles is appropriate
        - AC10/AC20 damage increased
        - variant change for MadCat B, removed LAMS, added 2x DHS, no longer causes global warming

        For those that are unable to run the updater executable on a game server environment, the following is the updated file listing: