Just Cause 2 Gets Free 'Tuk Tuk Boom Boom' DLC Today, Pre-Order DLC Now Available to Buy

The lowliest vehicle in Square Enix's Just Cause 2, the Tuk Tuk, has just received a free downloadable update. Additionally, several pieces of previously retailer-specific pre-order DLC have also been priced and released for general consumption, with the exception of the Chaos Parachute.

The tiny crate on wheels, known as the Tuk Tuk, now comes in two flavors: vanilla and heavily armed. The new version, called the 'Tuk Tuk Boom Boom' sacrifices practical trunk space for an even more practical cannon.

The original Tuk Tuk and the new Tuk Tuk Boom Boom.

As for pre-order DLC, all gamers can now purchase the following items for $1 or 80 MS Points on the PS3 or Xbox 360. The content has yet to appear on Steam for the PC version of the game.

  • Agency Hovercraft
  • Chevalier Classic
  • Rico's Signature Gun
  • Bull's Eye Assault Rifle