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By Alice O'Connor, Jun 22, 2010 5:00am PDT The Video Game Voters network is looking for a slogan to serve as the rallying cry in its fight against ignorance and ineptness, if you have a way with words and fancy doing your part for a better world. I would suggest that your suggestions avoid death threats, homophobia, leet speak, Family Guy references, misogyny, racism, spelling mistakes and the term "murder simulators." Ho ho! It's so true, isn't it? We're all terrible people!

Fancy a little insight into the world of Xbox Live Indie Games? Scribble Defense developer Elbert Perez offers a quick analysis of his first month-ish's sales data.

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  • Wireless Help I have two wireless routers and I would like to get better wireless signal in my RV outside of my house. My thought is that I'd setup one of the routers outside as a repeater of sorts for the router that is in the house. What kind of settings do I have to make on the outside router to make it work as I describe?

    Here is my initial plan:
    House router (Dynex DX-WEGRTR):
    RV router (linksys WRT55AG): put it into 'router' mode rather than 'gateway'; set static IP of, gateway

    My concern is getting the two routers to talk to each other via wireless, or do I have to have a wire connecting them? Please note that the linksys router can't be flashed with Tomato or DD-WRT.

  • I hate HP so goddamn much. And printers.

    So, my parents live on this smallish island off the coast of B.C. They have a weird network that is basically a radio network type thing that beams a network connection around the island. I don't know the tech details other than it's decently fast but they are essentially inside a private network and getting access is tricky. I've discovered that using windows remote assistance through live messenger seems to work, so that's how I do tech support for them. I'm in Calgary but there is no one on this island who can do basic troubleshooting and so if their shit breaks I'm kind of the only option.

    Anyway, i get a call from my dad that his wireless HP printer/scanner/fax isn't working. The guys who run the network had made some changes and reset their router and not bothered to reset the wifi password. No worries, I put a saved configuration file for the router on their laptop and walk my dad through resetting everything. Except, the printer needs a dedicated IP or else the software never finds it. So that's ok, do a mac addy reservation and away we go. Except HP solution centre, the shitty software that it is, now says it can't find any devices and is closing. What? So I think, fine, I'll reinstall all the HP software rather than fucking around with this (as none of the scanning software or anything will open until it sees the device). Run the uninstall, which says it needs to reboot...and holy shit it reboots the computer and doesn't uninstall a thing. (win7)

    So, i use add/remove to try and wipe the HP software and it nothing happens. It just won't uninstall. Trying to install overtop just brings up a box that says "welcome back" and offers to install some photosmart software as it thinks everything is already there. So fine, I just manually delete all the HP folders and reboot thinking now I can finally reinstall. NOPE. still the welcome back prompt.

    I have no idea how to remove this shitty software and reinstall it. Also, trying to do this through remote assistance is painful.

    Anyone have experience with this hp solution center crap and know how to reinstall it? Or is there a registry cleaner for HP stuff so I can remove every trace of it?

  • Updated Asus G73 notebook impressions:

    For those of you who care, still very impressed by the gaming performance. However, the screen is starting to bother me more and more. Best buy's cheaper G73 has a screen that is not great. I don't know if it' worth 2 or 3 hundred more for the nicer, full 1080 HD screen.... but the viewing angles and brightness on this one are noticeably sub par. When I get to my temporary duty assignment, I'll probably go find a nicer screen and hook it up to the laptop if it starts to bother me more than it does now...sorta defeats the point of a desktop replacement notebook, but whatever. It'll still be easier to take this thru an airport than a desktop.

    Oh, and for the love of science, if you get a G73, don't install the newest drivers from ati. When I am setting a new machine up, the first thing I do is update all drivers. So, I did that friday night, and then saturday night I started getting constant lock-ups/GSODs. I had no idea what was causing it and was starting to get the sinking feeling that I had some faulty hardware and would need to RMA. After several hours of frustrating troubleshooting, I finally loaded an older gfx driver from asus and my GSODs stopped and everything was working great again. I have to put up with those slow load times in BF:BC2 (this driver is before the fix), but at least the thing isn't locking up now.