Rayman Origins Unveiled

BOOM widget 134207 The origins of Michel Ancel's platforming hero will be revealed this year in new a episodic title for "HD consoles," Ubisoft announced at its E3 press conference, titled simply Rayman Origins.

Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 seem likely release platforms as the only "HD consoles," a requirement Ubisoft seeks "because the game already runs in this incredible image format and this really highlights the artist's work." The company does, however, note that "This doesn't prevent us from thinking about other consoles but we are a small team so we need to set priorities."

As for going episodic, Ubisoft explains it's so the small team can release this year and that "Episodes also let us imagine a longer and more developed saga than with a more 'classical' format." It also notes "there is a golden rule: the size of each episode and its replayability must be important enough to make the players feel... fulfilled."

Developed under the loving gaze of Ancel himself, the first Rayman Origins episode is heading to unconfirmed platforms for an unknown price some time this year.

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