XCOM E3 Media: When Oil Attacks!

By Alice O'Connor, Jun 16, 2010 5:33am PDT

Oil! Our trusted tacky friend. Fuel of innovation, powering a new bright future for all America. You hardly give it a second thought, do you, as it powers our automobiles, aeroplanes and even our mowers. My fellow Americans, be warned!

We have received reports that an insidious alien power is tainting the reputation of our wholesome American oil with its own foreign fluids. We do not yet know the face behind this fiendish plot but rest assured that FBI agent William Carter is on the case.

Armed with Personal Computer and Xbox 360 technology and assisted by 2K Marin, Carter expects to vanquish the vicious viscous villainy in 2011. Gosh bless America.

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  • Ok......lots of complaints and issues and I will tell you one thing the developers could have done that would have elimintated at least half of them.
    SET IT IN 2020! Who the hell wants to play Xcom in the age of Leave it to Beaver and Happy Days??
    This game will be a commercial failure and the primary reason will be setting. What kid under 21 will gravitate to these images? What fan of xcom will graviate to these images....???

    Honestly anybody that gives this game a shot is doing it based off of the company's history and or the game name.......they have shown jack that is truly intriging or at least visually exciting.

    I will WATCH Mad Men thank you....dont feel like playing the game.......with aliens.