PlayStation Plus Premium Online Service Announced

By Jeff Mattas, Jun 15, 2010 1:52pm PDT The new premium subscription-based version of the PlayStation Network was confirmed last month, but Sony revealed some more details during today's E3 press conference.

The new premium service, called PlayStation Plus, launches later this month, and will give subscribers access to an "exclusive set of content and features designed for gamers," including access to early game demos and priority betas, automatic downloads for background updates, and free content that will include full PlayStation Network games, themes, and even discounts in the PlayStation Store. Access to Qore is also included in the 'Plus' package.

Those who are satisfied with their current (free) PSN service will be able to continue using it. Subscribing to PlayStation Plus will cost $49.99 per year, or $17.99 for a three month plan. Sony has also announced that they'll be offering three-month free trials for a limited time.

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  • So... who thinks they are gradually going to migrate services available to everybody over to the paid subscription? This whole thing smells a bit to me like "hey.. this free online stuff is costing us more than we thought it would" and "hey.. those bastards over there are making decent money on this stuff and we are bleeding out millions... for.. what?"

    The added benefits of the service now seem kind of weak, but I have a feeling they will offer very nice perks to start out with to bait people in (honey with the medicine) then they will slowly start migrating everything over to the paid service until it's basically equal to Gold and Silver. That's my feeling at least.