EA Sports MMA to Broadcast Player Matches Live on Console and Internet

EA Sports honcho Peter Moore revealed a new initiative for the company launching with EA Sports MMA: Live Broadcast. Players will be able to compete online in broadcasted matches as spectators watch.

BOOM video 5404

It doesn't stop there. Matches will be commentated live by "sportscasters". To compete, players will need to do the following:

  • 1. Make an online fighter.
  • 2. Record a smacktalk video extolling his or her prowess in the ring.
  • 3. Be chosen by "EA promoters" to fight.
Matches can be viewed on consoles or over the web. Real prizes are said to be available for those chosen to compete. It is a safe assumption that all of this requires the EA Sports Online Pass, free with new copies of EA Sports titles or available as a paid download for second-hand copies, which allows access to online features like multiplayer and more.