Activision and Microsoft Partner for Xbox 360-First Call of Duty DLC for Next Three Years

By Brian Leahy, Jun 14, 2010 10:47am PDT Microsoft senior vice president Don Mattrick has announced that the company and Activision have partnered for the next three years to bring Call of Duty DLC add-ons, including map packs, to the Xbox 360 first.

This matches the release schedule already seen for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 downloadable content, which has launched first on the Xbox 360 then followed roughly one month later on the PlayStation 3 and PC.

This deal covers all Call of Duty titles through 2012, including Treyarch's Call of Duty: Black Ops, which will be released on November 9, 2010 for the Xbox 360, PC, PlayStation 3, and Wii.

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  • Comments like those below illustrate why, although the PC is my favorite platform, I will never again call myself a PC gamer. The term now means a whining, sophomoric, self-important loser who believes that because he bought a product from a company five years ago, the company is henceforth their servant and must not dare to pay attention to any other customer. Wake up, people - it's a business, and businesses exist to make money, which doesn't happen if they ignore 90% of their customer base to satisfy the elitist whims of the 2% that are represented by the "F YOU ACTIVISION!" commentary. As for DLC, if you don't like it, don't f---ing buy it, and they'll stop doing it because it doesn't make money. If people DO buy it, that means it was worth it to them, so all who say that "5 maps for $15 isn't worth it" are WRONG.

  • This just proves where treyarch is going with black-ops for pc , sell outs , i my friends am done with Cod series thank you for the few years you made decent games. Bfbc2 isnt the best game ever , but atleast they know how to treat the people that made them who they are THE PC GAMERS . Console will eventually price themselves out of reach. and when that happens, we pc players will still be downloading free mmo's , maps , games from company's that are dedicated to the PC familys. that would be happy just to get my 49.99 or less for game. IW , Treyarch , Activision You Fail !

  • Blah, can't wait for Medal Of Honor...
    Sick of all this crap, I got the first DLC and it kept me busy for a week.
    But for the past month MW2 won't even run properly for me and matches have only gotten more laggy than I ever seen.. Have not been able to properly trouble shoot all of the issues so I've sort of just given up on the game.. It's not the 14 bucks for the DLC that makes me feel ripped off, it's the 60 bucks I played for the game. HA. It's a sad time for fans of COD.. I've been playing since the first one.
    I have hopes for the next release but needless to say, I'll be holding off on my purchase for a month or two after the release.. Just to avoid the chance of being ripped off this badly again.

    IW, die in a fire.

  • Being a Gamer for aq long time, the gaming market has changed alot. This news now about Activision and Microsoft having an alliance is tough new for Us gamers. the PC version on all games should in my veiw all come out the same time and Gamers should be given a choice oF either Steam or to have there own Dedicted Server Admin by the relevant Clan or Squads themselves with a relevant Anti-Cheat sytem which is managed and properly updated.
    There is alot of Gamers with PC's who have like myself spent alot of Money to keep there Pc Specs uptodate and tip topped condition so they can play the game on there PC's.
    Hopefully Actision would look into the Steam Vac as soonest before going any further as this is not managed by the Admins properly. Activision should look into a more appropiate Anti-Cheat system were everything is looked into and managed properly so most gamers can have a good Time and having to suffice with Cheaters or Hackers destroyingb the game.

  • MW2 is the worst crap ever, and i did buy the 1st DLC but after doin so, felt ripped off...
    most definitely not worth 15 bucks- -- it just feels so wierd paying for maps on PC -
    when there is endless free maps for COD2, COD4, COD5-

    so go to hell MW2, why would i be a dumbass and keep buying DLC for MW2- when theres CODBO being released in 5 mnths, with dedicated servers and free maps- now i would pay 59.99 for that,

    Resurgency pack can kiss my ass- ur basically askin for 3 dollars a map and for 2 i already own...

  • Too bad Call of Duty's being dragged through so much mud and crap that by the time this agreement is over, Microsoft will be wishing they could get their money back.

    By then, Sony'll have an exclusive on Respawn's new game and Microsoft will be calling Activision, begging them for something... anything. "We gave you truckloads of money! What is this crap you're selling as Call of Duty?" <hiccup> "This is Treyarch's new baby... Call of Duty Cart Racing!" "You gotta sober up, maaan..." "I'm Bobby... Kotick! Everyone fears me! <hiccup> I made mah company so efficient now!"