Comic Jumper E3 Media Blast: Trailers, Screenshots, 'Splosion Man DLC

BOOM widget 132858 Indie developer Twisted Pixel has unleashed its E3 media blast, sending out a gameplay trailer and a round of screenshots for Comic Jumper as well as word that the comic book beat 'em up also unlocks bonus levels for its explosive platformer 'Splosion Man.

The lengthy gameplay demonstration trailer is set during the Silver Age--one of several comic book eras Captain Smiley will jump into--and shows our hero's struggles with the draconian Comics Obscenity Commission, not to mention an animated dinosaur skeleton. Other styles confirmed include parodies of Conan and the weird world of Manga.

The Xbox Live Arcade title will also pack a host of virtual goodies, with a free premium theme and Avatar accessories as well as two bonus levels for 'Splosion Man--one singleplayer and one multiplayer--that can only be found in Comic Jumper.

Twisted Pixel has still yet to confirm Comic Jumper's price or release date.

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