Sam & Max Dev Telltale Making Jurassic Park, Back to the Future Games

Movie franchises Jurassic Park and Back to the Future are becoming episodic games made by Tales of Monkey Island developer Telltale Games, the AP reports.

"I think it's a prime time to reintroduce these properties in the digital world," Telltale CEO Dan Connors told the AP. "Telltale Games has always set out to be a great storytelling company. We've been honing our chops over the past six years, and we're ready to take on these two iconic properties and continue to advance storytelling in games."


Described as being "in the early stages of development," the games will tell new stories set in the movies' worlds. Connors teased a trip to the Seventies in Telltale's Back to the Future game and more backstory for Jurassic Park.

"The games are going to exist within these worlds," Connors explained. "I wouldn't call these games sequels per se but a new interpretation of their worlds for a new medium."

"We were very interested in bringing them into the interactive space, but they're not exactly the kind of properties that lend themselves to the stereotypical shoot-'em-up style of gameplay," said Universal Studios' Bill Kispert, neglecting to mention what type of games they will be--though adventure games are to be expected, given Telltale's history.

The currently-untitled episodic games are due to make their debuts on PC, Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, Wii and Mac this winter. Thanks to chum Robin Clarke for the tip.