Deus Ex: Human Revolution E3 Trailer Arrives

By Chris Faylor, Jun 04, 2010 8:50am PDT

[Update] We've replaced the German trailer with the subtitle-free English edition.

[Original] The new Deus Ex: Human Revolution trailer publisher Square Enix teased earlier this week has arrived by way of the Square Enix Germany and its YouTube Channel, offering a computer-generated glimpse into the shooter prequel.

Shackvideo users can use the HD Stream.

PC, PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 editions of Deus Ex: Human Revolution are in development by Eidos Montreal, with all three expected to hit in "Early 2011."

A gracious thanks to Shacknews readers taczbr and valcan_s for the heads-up.

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  • for those curious about DX lore, here's a small snippet of a DX timeline i found

    2018 Paul Denton is born.
    2020s Mechanical augmentations are just becoming widespread.
    -In the early years of this decade work on nano-technology begins. The Majestic 12 scientists assigned to the project (including Bob Page) have a number of difficulties. A self-replicating nanite that can interact with biological material has to be developed. The nanites must be able to interpret commands directly from the mind, and send information back to the mind in a form that can be interpreted.
    -This will take years to develop.
    -A test subject matching MJ12�s selection criteria is needed, as young as possible.
    2022 The pan-Arab invasion of Israel is successful, Majestic 12 control of the region becomes total.
    2023 Paul Denton, age 5, is selected as test subject, he is subsequently cloned.
    2028 Paul Denton� mother, who is unable to have any more children but wants another, is approached by MJ12 operatives posing as fertility experts. She is told that she will be paid handsomely in exchange for participating in experimental surgery that will allow her to become pregnant. Mrs. �Denton�, had been poor her entire life, now she could have another child and have enough money to raise her family in comfort. The “fertility experts” assure her that the surgery is minor and the risk is minimal.
    -After the parents of Paul Denton agree the mother is implanted with a cloned embryo of Paul. Their lived have already been carefully monitored by MJ12 for many years.
    2029 JC Denton born on 3/17
    2030s After AIDS cure is released new antibiotic resistant viruses appear. Resistant tuberculosis hits the developing nations, particularly India, very hard. A sample of the 1918 flu virus from bodies buried under the North Polar is accidentally released when it is procured for research.
    -Versalife is instrumental in fighting these, originally a genetic engineering company, it branches to embrace all forms of science and commerce.
    - At an unknown time between 2031 and 2035 Majestic twelve rebels against the Illuminati.
    2030 Cure to AIDS is discovered ending its comeback.
    - A major earthquake hits the West Coast, destroying most of San Francisco and dumping all of Los Angeles and most of Southern California south of Lompoc into the ocean. (Raised sea level plays a part, without it much of this space would not have gone under.)
    - The earthquake forces the government to declare the west coast (or what was left of it) a disaster area. It begins to ignore the rest of the country.
    2031 Utah announces its intention to secede from the United States, declaring its independence and annexing what was left of Arizona and Nevada. Inspired by Utah’s example, fringe groups in Texas declare independence as well.
    -Shortly after Washington, Oregon, Idaho, Montana and Wyoming form the Northwest Secessionist Forces.
    -All of these attempts to secede fail, however marital law continues exists in some portions of these states.
    2033 Alex Denton�s assigned birth date is on 11/20 of this year. This does not match other data showing Alex to have been born some time in the year 2047.
    -Nick Pausback�s assigned birth date is on 5/13 of this year.
    2034 Wade Walker�s assigned birth date is on 2/25 of this year.
    -Experiments begin on second generation of clones (~age 5)
    -Toxicological study found no carcinogenic effects at chlorine concentrations a thousand times higher than the Environmental Protection Agency revised Kyoto standards.
    2035 Having lined up all of the Illuminati’s political, financial, military and religious arms beneath it, Majestic 12 inherits the mantle of de facto ruler of Asia, Eastern Europe and South America. It�s rebellion is complete.
    -Paul and J.C. Denton’s parents are killed by Majestic 12; J.C. is sent to Swiss school
    2040 Paul Denton, age 22, joins UNATCO
    2042 Sporting Weapons Act of 2042
    -NSF (National Secessionist Forces) formed from gun toating people who refuse to let go of their rifles, grenades, land mines, and other “collectibles.” Lead by Leon Woods they intend the �liberation� of Washington, Montana, Oregon, and Northern California.
    2045 Leon Woods dies in (in)famous last stand.
    2046 In response to the Upper West Side bombing that killed 45 people and wounded over a 100, the grid zoning laws allowed the police to wall off regions of Manhattan and its surrounding boroughs. Foot traffic between these “zones” was prohibited, and traveling between zones was restricted to authorized subways or highways subject to police surveillance.
    -The crash of �46. Construction of some building in Paris stopped.
    -Work on ‘Ambrosia’ project is suspected to begin this year.
    2047 Most likely year of Alex Denton�s Birth given that he/she is five years old when the game takes place at some point in 2052.
    -”Somnolente Ile” scandal rocks the Serra administration.**
    -Beth DuClare�s involvement would cause members of the Republican Social Union for French Democracy (RSUFD) party disputed her right to be awarded the position of Chevalier in the Ordre Royale de la Legion D’Honneur posthumously.
    -Bilderbergs may have been involved.
    -Rumored to be the approximate beginning of the work on Aquinas by Page Industries.
    -J.C. Denton graduates from Swiss school
    2049 Doctor Moreau starts to work in MJ12 lab under UNATCO.
    2050 Silhouette inserts 20th century style commercials into the Net broadcast of the World Cup
    2051 The Templars are �diminished� by a combined UNATCO/Interpol raid on their Paris. Tmeplars are classified as inactive.
    -15,234 young people served sentences in the state’s FBI-run “good behavior” camps, a legacy of the Northwest War.
    -UNATCO bombs Statue of Liberty, attack latter blamed on Silhouette.
    -Gray Death �surfaces.�