Rumor: Xbox 360 Getting Hulu Video Streaming

By Chris Faylor, Jun 02, 2010 6:00pm PDT With less than two weeks to go until E3 2010, the rumor mill is continuing to churn about potential announcements and revelations. One of the latest claims that online television streaming service Hulu is making its way to Xbox 360.

According to GearLive and its "very reliable source," Microsoft is set to unveil Hulu for Xbox 360 during E3 2010, presumably during its Media Briefing on Monday, June 14.

The site adds that, similar to the Xbox 360 integration of Netflix, Hulu on Xbox 360 would require a subscription and run through an application located in the Xbox Dashboard.

1UP notes that while it can't confirm anything about a potential reveal at E3 2010, "Microsoft does have the software for a Hulu application on the 360 fully up and running -- the only thing holding them back now are rights issues to Hulu programming."

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  • This would be very cool... and almost totally negate my need for PlayOn through my PC. I bet the quality would probalby be a hell of a lot better too. I would welcome this becauese PlayOn is kind of spotty... sometimes it drops in the middle of a show and I have to re-start the transcoder. But... did I read "subscription"?! I like Hulu... but their content is a little bit weak... it better not cost as much as Netflix. I'm not crazy about the idea of paying for Hulu at all actually. Keep the brief commercials and stay away from the subscription model and I'll be there.