Mytheon Launch Date Announced

Developer Petroglyph and publisher UTV Games "have reached a mutual agreement to resolve pending litigation issues" in regards to their upcoming free-to-play micro-transactional online game Mytheon, dating the action-RPG for launch on July 13.

Currently in open beta, Mytheon marks the first action-RPG from Petroglyph, a studio founded by Command and Conquer veterans from Westwood and known for such strategy games as Universe at War and Star Wars: Empire at War. nope

"Neither company acknowledged or admitted any wrongdoing," Petrogylph CEO Chuck Kroegel said of the resolution, but "both companies recognized this mutual agreement as the right step, especially for the players with the official release of Mytheon."

The litigation stemmed from allegations that Petryoglyph failed to deliver a "gold master" of the game by the end of March 2010 as it had promised, leading True Games to sue in attempt to obtain the source code. Petroglyph, meanwhile, argued that Mytheon "was NEVER conceived to be a full-blown MMO...the trend, however, over the last months has been to move this game to the scope of a full-blown MMO."

The Mytheon brand has already expanded to the iPhone and iPod touch in the form of Mytheon: Assault of Gaia, a tower defense force game priced at $2.99.

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