Activision Unveils Indie Games Competition

A grand prize of $175,000 is up for grabs in the first phase of the Activision Independent Games Competition, which the development and publishing monolith unveiled today.

Independent developers in the United States can now submit proposals for a game--not necessarily backed by a demo--for the chance to win the top prize of $175,000 or a second-place prize of $75,000 in this first stage of the two-stage competition.


"This competition underscores our commitment to supporting the creative spirit and innovation of developers," said Activision executive vice president of studios Dave Stohl in the announcement. "I started my career as a software developer, so this opportunity is something I'm personally very proud to offer to the industry's young visionaries."

Winners must consent to granting Activision first right of refusal to publish the finished product and inserting a splash screen acknowledging the contest cash.

The contest ends on August 31, after which "a panel of qualified third-party independent judges" will whittle down the entries to a handful and Activision will pick the two winners.