Rumor: Mass Effect Series Getting Multiplayer

By Brian Leahy, Jun 01, 2010 11:40am PDT A job posting (seen left) on LinkedIn (via GameBlend) calls for a "Multiplayer Programmer (Mass Effect Franchise)" at BioWare Montreal. It seems to suggest that multiplayer and/or co-op play might be coming to Mass Effect 3 or an entirely new project in the series:

"Multiplayer Programmers ensure the game engine and game systems work reliably and efficiently in a multiplayer environment. They work with both the front and back ends to take existing single player user experiences and make them multiplayer safe."

I don't know if I'd rather have co-op or competitive multiplayer. I would potentially want them both. Mass Effect 2's combat was much improved over its predecessor and could lead to a fun multiplayer experience.

On the co-op side, the game is setup for 3-player play if it's just going to be added to the existing game framework. There's always a chance that this is the beginning of an MMORPG, but I don't believe BioWare would throw two of those into production at the same time. I think we'll have to wait until after Star Wars: The Old Republic is released before we have a chance at getting a Mass Effect MMO.

The job responsibilities also mention working on multiple platforms, seemingly confirming whatever this is for the Xbox 360 and PC versions. The job posting is very close to E3 2010, which could shed some light on this when it kicks off on June 15.

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  • People are so over reactive, I sent an email to Bioware a couple of weeks ago asking them to explore the feasibility of co op only. Apparently other people are asking for the same thing. Personally, I am not interested in competitive multiplayer. But yea I would like co op. Does anyone really think they are going to do something to this franchise to mess it up? I think it would be great and if they integrate co op into the game you can bet it will be great. Just think about it, if you can actually get 2 plus the person using shepard, imagine how much bigger and badder will the battles be. Imagine that you can get shepard in trouble. Just because you are doing co op does not mean you have to be in the same screens. You can play a separate story which could affect shepard( just the dialog part), you would have to get back to the ship and even give shepard the ability to summon you. Imagine having the ability to betray shepard and become his enemy in the game? The possibilities are endless!!!!!!!!!!

  • I'm not sure how to feel about this yet.

    I really like co-op in just about anything... but Mass Effect is ultimately about one person making these galaxy-altering decisions. The pacing of the overall game (between shops, conversation zones, explorations, and eventually combat) just doesn't work for it.

    Co-op would be a bit dull for the second person, since I would certainly not want them doing much of anything aside from helping me shoot people. They might have dialog but I wouldn't want their inane mutterings to have any effect on the course of my story.

    It's nothing like (for example) Resident Evil 5, which was almost entirely centered on the combat.