Morning Discussion: Holiday Edition

By Alice O'Connor, May 31, 2010 5:00am PDT Today is a holiday in both the USA and the UK--Spring Bank Holiday in the UK and Memorial Day in the USA--so we'll be running a little light on coverage but rest assured, we will have a few things to help you avoid working. Everywhere else, we apologise.

Like zombies? 'drMikey' sends word that he is selling prints of the acrylic painting that won him an honourable mention in our recent Left 4 Dead art contest. Brain-tastic.

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  • Well its official my Gran mother can no longer remember me. Not to be a ass but she was pretty mean lady to my mother and her sisters almost evil sometimes. She used to get drunk quite a bit when i lived with her, her drink of choice was scotch and milk.

    I was going to have her come live with us so my mother could get a break from staying with her. Then my sister called me up at her visit and said she came at her with a pair of scissors, all the while yelling out cuss words the whole time she was with here, plus things like trying to start stuff on fire to smoke it( I never new her not to have a cig in her hand)have two kids so don't really want them to be around her at this stage i like that they remember her in a nice way

    Basically i am sitting here feeling guilty now because i did not go see here in the last few years, i mean i called here pretty much every weekend but thats not really the same. So go see your grand parents/parents before you are sitting here crying on the shack when its too late.