APB Still Planned for Console as "Different Game"

In an interview with Develop (via Gamasutra), All Points Bulletin (APB) lead designer EJ Moreland revealed that console versions of the game are still planned, but the company "will make a different game that fits better for the system."

nope APB was originally planned to simultaneously release for the PC and consoles, but the initial release will be limited to the PC on June 29 (July 1 in Europe, July 2 in the UK).

"Honestly, from my experience as someone who plays PC and console games, I had strong concerns that the game we were making for PC wasn’t going to be viable on console," Moreland explained.

There is no timeline for any console version of APB at this time, but if it should come to be, expect it to be a different game set within the same world. I'd wager that the developers would want to focus the game more on missions and combat and less on social interaction in non-combat zones for the console.