More Premium PSN Rumor Support for E3 2010

Last week, VG247 carried a story about a premium, subscription-based version of Sony's PlayStation Network, which would be revealed at E3 2010. Today, Joystiq is running its own story with some new details.

Joystiq cites multiple sources and believes that Sony will unveil PSN+ at E3 2010 during its press conference. The service will "will focus on giving paid subscribers additional bonuses without limiting online multiplayer between paying and nonpaying users."

The additional bonuses cited are:

  • "Access to a rotating list of PSP Minis and PSone Classics"
  • "Exclusive in-game DLC"
  • "Discounts to the PlayStation Store"
  • "'First Hour' demo access to full retail titles"
  • A PlayStation Protection Plan
  • Cross-game chat
  • Auto-patching for recently played games
Furthermore, it is said that a post-launch update would add cloud storage for save games. Joystiq's sources do not name a specific price, but one speculates that it could be as high as $9.99 a month.

The content of both rumors seem very different, but other than a discrepancy about cross-game chat, seem to fit together. The European-focused rumor from VG247 suggests a music-streaming service, while the US-based rumor focuses on the games.