Magical Action Game 'Knights Contract' Unveiled, Pairs Immortal Executioner with Resurrected Victim

BOOM widget 101242 The idea of a hulking brute escorting a fragile young lady through treacherous lands is looking to be a popular tale, as Namco Bandai's just-announced action game Knights Contract is joining Tecmo's Quantum Theory and Ninja Theory's Enslaved with a similar set-up.

The PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 action game sees the "resurrected witch" Gretchen gain control over her "immortal executioner" Heinrich as they battle against supernatural foes and Heinrich's old boss Dr. Faust.

As for the actual gameplay, players take direct control of Heinrich and can issue basic commands to the computer-controlled Gretchen, going by andriasang. Players must take care to protect Gretchen from too much harm, as Namco notes that "Heinrich can never be vanquished" but Gretchen's "mortality is the key to the duo's survival."

Developed externally by Majin and Genji maker Game Republic, Knights Contract has been announced for a Japanese, North American and European release in 2011. BOOM video 5134