3DMark 11 Benchmark Tool Revealed with Trailer

By Chris Faylor, May 24, 2010 10:20am PDT Fresh off its first foray into actual game development--Futuremark Games Studio's Shattered Horizon--software creator Futuremark has announced the latest iteration of its popular 3DMark benchmark tools.

Due out in the third quarter of 2010--a.k.a. between July 1 and September 30--3DMark 11 has been "designed to measure the performance of DirectX 11 gaming PCs" and "uses a native DirectX 11 engine created in-house," with a free version due upon launch.

The announcement was paired with screenshots and a trailer from a work-in-progress version of 3DMark 11's "Deep Sea" tech demo, which features volumetric lighting, tessellation, post-processing and an "original composition" of music:

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  • Finally we're starting to see some photo-realistic textures being employed in real-time rendering. Unigine's Heaven benchmark came close but this really pushes the envelope. If I hadn't already been aware, I probably would have mistaken this for a live action video of surveying submersibles.

    This really makes me giddy thinking about how gorgeous the next console generation is going to be, since the majority of games don't really start making the graphical leap until a new console gen. We might see one or two PC games come close to this in a couple years just before the next console gen in 2012-2013, but the graphical explosion won't really happen until MS and Sony decide to retire the current gen. I've given up on Nintendo. The Wii 2 or whatever will probably come out way before the PS4 or Xbox 720, but guaranteed Ninty will stay the course with casuals and an underpowered console since that's where they're making stadium loads of money.