Lara Croft PC Using Steam for DRM

By Chris Faylor, May 20, 2010 10:20am PDT Crystal Dynamics' downloadable isometric action game Lara Croft and the Guardian of Light will utilize digital distribution platform Steam for digital rights management on PC--meaning that the game will require the Steam client to be installed in the US.

"We've gone down the road of implementing Steam DRM where we've committed to the US being an exclusive and we're going to make a decision as to whether or not we'll use different distribution channels," brand manager Karl Stewart told CVG.

Stewart explained "the biggest fear we have is that people are going to be inquisitive and are going to [illegally] download it" because "Tomb Raider has traditionally been a single player game" and the spin-off packs online co-op. "We have the risk of people saying, 'I never really wanted to play the online mode, I just want to play as a single player.'"

Downloadable PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 editions of Lara Croft and the Guardian of Light are also in the works, with all three versions due out sometime this summer.

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  • I like that they're taking this IP in a new direction (games with big-breasted women should never go out of style, regardless of the genre), but as a long-time Tomb Raider fan I have to say I'm not very excited about this one, from what I've seen. Of course, if it's ultimately a tight and fun game I could get into it, sure.

    I always thought that the really cool thing about Tomb Raider was the sense of height that it made you feel. Jumping off a ledge and hoping you grab the other side, and knowing how far you've come since the last checkpoint, kept you on the edge of your seat. That game was all about precarious situations and making the next jump. But you were RIGHT THERE with her; the camera over her shoulder.

    Later additions to the Tomb Raider games progressively lost that exploration aspect in an attempt to go bigger and badder with the action. They need to scale it back down. Don't try to compete with Gears of War level action. Just stick with the scary jumps and that feeling that you're exploring something mystical, old, and dangerous. A lot of effort was put into Lara's house, but forget about that. Lara is out there, in the wild... she doesn't need a home. She doesn't even need to be grounded by friends, butlers, assistants, or the like. She's independent. She does her own thing. Bras? Optional.

    I hope the next game in the series focuses on giant, explorable maps, puzzles, and combat that's a little more involved (maybe an RPG element to it? -- upgradable weapons? combining objects to solve puzzles? Destructible elements in the environment? Sandbox-style open worlds? Sure, all of the above. Think about what made the first one so great, then just amplify it proportionally and add some unpredictability (destructible shit, good enemy AI).

    Basically, make Just Cause 2 with a female protagonist and tombs.