Mass Effect 2 'Overlord' DLC Coming in June

Mass Effect 2 will receive five new missions this June with the 'Overlord' paid downloadable content, Inc Gamers reports, announced today by developer BioWare.


Taking place on a single planet, the Overlord mission arc will see Sherpard and the gang investigating experiments on Geth and humans intended to create a hybrid being. The Hammerhead hover-tank from the Firewalker DLC will be used to navigate the hub.

Overlord will reportedly cost 560 Microsoft Points ($7) and offer "about two and a half hours of content," though apparently no further weapons or companion characters.

[Update - 11:30am CST] BioWare has confirmed that the Overlord DLC will indeed hit in June at 560 Microsoft Points / $7, packing "five new areas and two new achievements."