Batman: Arkham Asylum Pre-Order, Collector's Edition Bonus DLC Publicly Released [Updated]

BOOM widget 83156 In conjunction with the enhanced "Game of the Year Edition" re-release of Batman: Arkham Asylum headed to North American retailers today, those that already own the game can now download two more add-ons.

The first, "Dem Bones Challenge Map," was previously only available to those that pre-ordered the brawler from retailer GameStop. The second, "Crime Alley Challenge Map," was previously only offered to those that bought the collector's edition of the game.

Both "Crime Alley" and "Dem Bones" are now available at 240 Microsoft Points / $3 each through the Xbox Live Marketplace and Games for Windows Live Marketplace--"Dem Bones" seems to be called "Villain Challenge Map" on PC--with PlayStation 3 owners expected to get them in today's PlayStation Store update.

However, the downloadable Playable Joker Challenge Maps are still exclusive to PlayStation 3, as is the "Prey in the Darkness" content in North America.

[Update - 11:30pm CST] - The downloads are not free, as we previously reported, but rather 240 Microsoft Points / $3 each, with the above post now reflecting that.