Halo: Reach Beta Gets Invasion Mode Today

Bungie has enabled Invasion, the new mode pitting a team of Spartans against a team of Elites in objective-based or team deathmatch games, in the Halo: Reach beta. This also means that players can check out the "Boneyard" map, which is the only map for Invasion in the beta.


Invasion matches are played out in three phases, each with its own objectives and available weapon loadouts. One team is on defense and will play as Spartans, while the offense spawns as Elites. As the Elites press on, the phase will change and more powerful weapons will become available.

Invasion Slayer, however, will be a team deathmatch game with the first team to hit 100 kills winning. Phases will change after a certain number of kills or elapsed time. Players will also be able to capture and hold randomly-placed territories for weapon drops.

The Halo: Reach beta is scheduled to run until May 19th. Additionally, Microsoft will let Xbox Live Silver members to play the beta online during the last three days of the beta.