Two Worlds 2 Releasing in September

by Brian Leahy, May 04, 2010 3:40pm PDT

Publisher SouthPeak Interactive and developers TopWare Interactive and Reality Pump have announced that Two Worlds II, the follow-up to the original RPG, will be released in the United States, Canada and South America on September 14, 2010. European gamers must wait until September 17th to grab the game.

"TopWare and Reality Pump have spent a tremendous amount of time listening to feedback based on the original game," said Richard Iggo, VP of Marketing at SouthPeak. "If the reaction we've seen so far from the press is indicative of what's to come, we have a game that will be seen as a benchmark in the genre. 'Epic' is a word that's overused and worn-out when it comes to games like this, so we've created a new word for Two Worlds II: Astronepic. Yeah, it's that good."

Two Worlds II will be released for the PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, and PC.


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  • so i picked up the first one and gave it a try because i had heard that it was better then oblivian. but an hour into it i found myself wanting to turn back time and kick the shit out of myself. the controle system sucked. i didnt feel that i was part of the world like i did in oblivian. and to top it all off the cg looked like crap. i cant remmember a single good thing about it. i still have the game around here somewhere, but only because i cant get a decent price for a trade in.
    i look forward to part two just to see how they fix it all. i want it to be as good as they promised one wold be. i can tell you now that this will not be a game i buy. ill give it a try thanks to game fly, but untill i play it im not going to belive anything untill i get my hands on it myslef.