InstantAction Launches New Game Streaming Service with Web Embed of Monkey Island SE

BOOM widget 81096 Online gaming provider InstantAction today launched the latest facet of its service, allowing full-featured games to be embedded on a web page thanks to its streaming technology.

"InstantAction makes embedding video games as easy as embedding a standard video or photo, and at equivalent speeds," the company claimed in today's announcment, explaining that the "embed code will also work on any webpage that allows HTML editing, and supports Javascript and iframes."

Thus far, the only game to take advantage of the service's new technology is LucasArts' The Secret of Monkey Island: Special Edition PC, which can be played and purchased in the window below provided your web browser is compatible:

The Secret of Monkey Island:SE powered by InstantAction

Purchases made through InstantAction are tied to a user's account, which also stores one's game saves online so that they can be accessed from any compatible device.

"We give game creators a secure way to offer free trials, item purchases and pay-as-you play options, with a broad range of monetization formats and platform compatibility," added InstantAction CEO Louis Castle. "Gamers not only get the try-before-you buy and rent-to-own benefits; they can easily embed full games into their social networks, accessing their friends' lists and adding social features to games."

At present, the embedded InstantAction version of The Secret of Monkey Island: Special Edition is only playable on PCs , though the company notes that "future games on InstantAction will support the Mac and mobile devices on a title-by-title basis."