• Shack L4D2 Tournament
    There were a decent amount of replies indicating interest to my earlier posts, so here is the sign-up post!

    1. Please reply to this thread with a link to your steam profile or name if you would like to participate in the L4D2 Tournament.

    This isn't serious business, but if you sign up, you are committing to show up. Don't sign up if you might not have time to play later. Teams are going to be small, so your participation will be crucial.

    Matches will be scheduled for weekends, during the late afternoon or in the evening.

    2. Please indicate if you'd like to be playing at EST or PST times.

    Rules, maps, team selection, etc are all still TBD, and we can have a thread to work that out in the coming days.

    Deadline to sign up is in two weeks, on May 14.