EA, Ubisoft, Sony, Disney Settle Patent Lawsuit

By Alice O'Connor, Apr 28, 2010 7:30am PDT Ubisoft, Sony, Disney Interactive and Electronic Arts have settled with a voice recognition technology patent holder who accused them of infringment, Gamasutra reports.

The four reached an undisclosed "mutual agreement" with Bareis Technologies before they all appeared in court accused of violating its patent, then filed for mutual dismissal.

The patent in question covers using voice recognition to issue commands and was seemingly intended to be used for such uses as telling a CD player to play a track. The defendees, Boreas claimed, violated the patent by creating where players could vocally issue commands to the AI, naming titles including Tom Clancy's EndWar by Ubisoft, Sony's SOCOM, EA's NASCAR 06 and Disney's Phonics Quest as offenders.

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  • A violation = a violation.

    Patent trolls aside, it has become part of corporate culture to basically ignore patent holdings and just litigate it away id caught. This is bad business plain and simple. The fines and punishments should be a hell of alot more severe if anyone wants to actually prevent this from happening. Making a giant mega-corp pay is no deterrent, hell I bet a good chunk of those payouts come from business insurers to begin with.

    Death to corporate America, this just can't be what the forefathers wanted for us

    /my lawn
    //remove one's self