Linkin Park Now Crawling in iSkin

BOOM widget 99622 "The only iPhone App game that turns Linkin Park's world into your gaming reality," Linkin Park 8-Bit Rebellion! is now available for iPhone and iPod Touch as well as iPad at the allowance-friendly price of $4.99.

Touted as being direct "from the imagination of Linkin Park," 8-bit Rebellion sees the popsters fighting to stop an an evil corporation from "turning the world into a high-res nightmare" with its "mass-brainwashing campaign." It's what Linkin Park are all about, really.

The band worked alongside developer Artificial Life, with rapper Mike Shinoda designing their avatars and editing dialogue. 8-bit Revolution also contains an exclusive track made for the game, 'Blackbirds,' as well as chiptune versions of their cheery tunes.

If your parents cruelly refuse to buy you an iPhone or iPad, you can apparently still join the Rebellion by creating an 8-bit avatar at the game's 8-bit Yourself site.

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